Fournier is in favor of Cole staying on the bench for France


On his eve Vincent Collet on her bench of Francedespite the failure in the recent World Cup, supports the Evan Fournieraccording to statements he made in an interview granted to “”.

The veteran NBAer forward emphasized that there is no need to… tear down everything in the “tricolors” for a bad appearance in the event and especially since the Paris Olympic Games are coming up in a year.

However, what should change in the representative group is to renew the roster more quickly, with the entry of younger players.

First, Fournier was asked whether Vincent Collet remains fit for the France coaching job: “Yes definitely. We should not dissolve everything, especially since in one year we have the Olympic Games. It doesn’t make any sense. Especially since 2019, Vincent and his staff have done a great job».

The 31-year-old international then said: “We have to change the situation with the young players. To come to the group earlier. This is the only organizational program. The biggest example is 2016. It keeps the old ones until the end and then there is no renewal».

Source: Sport Fm

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