THE US President Joe Biden will attend the United Nations General Assembly next week to deliver a speech on “threats” to international security, the White House announced.

The issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is expected to once again dominate the talks leaders will have on the occasion of the annual General Assembly. Last year, much of the international community condemned Moscow’s annexation of Ukrainian territories.

Biden, who just returned from a tour of Asia, will deliver his speech on Sept. 19, the first day of his two-day appearance at the General Assembly, according to White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre.

The White House did not specify which leaders Biden plans to meet with on the sidelines of the General Assembly in New York. In her statement, the spokeswoman limited herself to saying that the president “will discuss with many leaders from around the world the issue of cooperation in dealing with threats to peace and international security, underlining how important global prosperity and respect for fundamental rights”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will also be in New York on those days, who will tour the US. In July the White House said a meeting between Biden and Netanyahu “later this year” was likely, but so far Israeli officials have not specified whether that might happen next week.