Goodrich on Worlds final: “I’d take the same shot again”


Deeply etched in his memory Marko Gudurich remains the decisive missed three-pointer, one minute before the end of the World Cup final between Serbia and Germany.

However, her guard Fenerbahce he emphasized that these tough times will make him better and that if a similar opportunity presents itself in the future, he will take the same shot again.

There are still strong emotions, as everything happened recently, but talking about it with my friends, then I understand that we reached a great success and made a lot of people happy. Of course, we are still sad that we didn’t manage to get the gold medal, as we were very close, but I believe that in the future we will have another chance to do it.“, initially stated Marko Gudurich.

On the missed 3-pointer for the equalizer in the final minute of the final: “It felt good, as at first I thought the ball would go in. It was a good shot and one that I work on quite a bit, but that’s life in sports. Sometimes you do the best you can, but a mistake can happen, which will make you stronger. I’ve had other failures like that in my career, but that’s why I’m where I am and I believe the hard time will make me even better. I say it again, I believe we will have another chance to play in the final and I am not going to… hide from the responsibilities. If given the chance again, I will take this shot again».

Watch Goodrich’s missed 3-pointer:

Source: Sport Fm

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