New challenges of the Croatian president: Michalis died because he refused first aid!


The Croatian president continues to provoke, Zoran Milanovicregarding his murder Michalis Katsouri but also the stay of Croats arrested in Greek prisons.

In fact, beyond… common (and human) logic, it provokes the reaction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia.

Granting statements in his homeland, part of which are transferred from the “Evening List”the Croatian president initially argues that his countrymen who were arrested are in trouble, speaking of lack of drinking water.

This has now become the thirteenth topic. Our people have problems. These are our fellow citizens. We have some sense of mutual responsibility. When they get home, we’ll talk differently.

I take what I heard to be true. And I think and know that the Croatian government can do a lot more. In Greek prisons, everyone says, there is no drinking water.

Europe, 21st century… The water from the water supply system is not potable! The last time I experienced this in Azerbaijan was in 1994, but that’s okay. So they have to buy water, but they can’t get money in a normal way or regularly. I have written to the prime minister about this and I hope he will do things that are not a problem in good faith and with the responsibility he has“, he initially notes.

However, the even more infuriating ones come next. Since, therefore, he emphasized – wrongly of course – that not a single Greek has been arrestedconcluded that Michalis Katsouris died because he refused first aid because he was afraid of ending up in prison.

How is this possible? Is it a rule of law? So anyone Greek? They dispersed and the Croatian citizens remained there. Seven people were injured, those Croatian hooligans. These are people too. It is not biomass.

A Greek lost his life. Apparently because he refused the first aid he was going to receive, but he didn’t want to because he was afraid of ending up in jail and this man was bleeding to death. Who hurt him? We have no idea“, he said.

The Croatian Foreign Minister is furious with him

The above statements of the Croatian president brought – once again – the reaction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Gordon Grlich-Rudman.

We are doing everything for the Croatian citizens who are imprisoned in Greece, President Milanovic is harming them with his statements.

The Croatian government is doing everything in its power to ensure that Croatian citizens detained in Greece are safe, that the investigation is completed, and that those involved in criminal proceedings are deported, while the country’s president puts at risk their situation with his actions.

I think that the president does not have sufficient information or is misinformed (…). As far as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy, ​​the entire government is concerned, we provide them with the maximum consular and legal assistance. We’re doing everything we can to make sure they’re safe, that the investigation is complete. We have this promise and that all those involved in misdemeanor proceedings will be deported to Croatia.

Let’s be patient. Croatian embassy officials are in daily contact with the arrested Dinamo fans, the Bad Blue Boys (BBB). We need to repair the damage he caused by his statements before this, we must constantly apologize, because by his evil deeds he endangers their safety down there and irritates the prosecution and justice.

I am in constant contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Political Security and the Penitentiary System and Minister Malenitsa is in contact with their Minister of Justice“, he conveyed it Croatian news agency “HINA”.

At the same time, Grlic Radman recalled that during the visit of the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic and the Minister of Justice, Ivan Malenica, on August 21, Athens informed that the investigation will not last for months but for several weeks. He also noted that Milanovic did not invite the Croatian ambassador in Athens, nor the president of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, but… he teaches lessons in the democratic state.

Source: Sport Fm

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