Friendly match between Olympiakos and Armani Milano


An… appetizer before the big friendly between them in his evening Vasilis Spanoulis (17/9) they gave to the secondary field of SEF Olympiacos and Armani Milano.

The two teams played a training friendly at noon on Friday (15/9), which it lasted for three periodswith the score reset at the end of each quarter.

In the first and third quarter the score was tied and specifically at 20-20 the one and to 18-18 the other. In the second, Giorgos Bartzokas’ team prevailed 22-19thanks to his three-pointer Walkup on exhalation.

Except for the “red and white” were the Shaquille McKissick and Nigel Williams-Gosswhile they competed normally Alec Peters and George Pope, who sustained injuries in the first friendly against Prometheus Patras. Of course, he didn’t compete either Nikola Milutinovwho is still on leave after reaching the World Cup final with the Serbian national team.

From here on, the George Bartzokas he also had at his disposal the internationals who were at the World Cup, specifically the Kostas Papanikolaou, Thomas Walkup, Giannoulis Larentzakis, Michalis Lountzis and Mustafa Fall.

Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Walkup 5(1 tr., 11 ass.), Kanaan 6(1 tr., 4 rebounds), Lountzis 2, Larentzakis 10(1), Papas, Fal 11(7 tr., 2 blocks), Papanikolaou 5(1 ), Peters 13(3), Sikma 6 (5 reb., 3 kl.), Tanoulis 2.

Armani Milano (Messina): Poithres 7, Bortolani 5, Pangos 7(1), Stojanovic 2, Kamagate 5, Hall 8(1), Caruso 2, Shields 11(2), Mirotic 8, Hines 2.

Source: Sport Fm

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