“Tsitsipas hooligans” questioned Tsitsipas: Vouliagmeni, the festival and the 5×5 with Messi


A different interview with the “Tsitsipas hooligans” was granted by Stefanos Tsitsipas, during his presence in Athens for the Davis Cup, which will be held on two days 16-17 at the Panathenaic Stadium.

The Greek champion was asked to answer several questions and dilemmas, such as about his favorite place, but also about what job he would do if he wasn’t playing tennis.

What he said in detail:

Favorite place in Greece for holidays

“Sunk, home.”

How difficult is it for an athlete of your level to be “ok” in his personal life?

“It’s not and I have to say it has its own hurdle, that part of my life, which I’ve overcome a long time ago, is more normal to me now that I understand it better.”

You have done your job in a piece of family work, you work with your family, how hard is that?

“It’s not difficult, I think it’s the best if you can do it with your family, it’s something magical on a daily basis, the fact that I spend a lot of beautiful moments on and off the court with my people, my brother Petro , makes it very special and we aim one day to “break” them all in singles and doubles”.

Is it true that Nadal was afraid of us and did not come?

“They are lies”

A festival in Karditsa or a jazz bar in New York?

“Both are exciting, we go to the local festival in Karditsa”

A night out with Medvedev or video games with Kyrgios?

“Video games are more fun with Kyrgios, one hundred percent”

Are you going for 5X5 with Messi or is Harrods opening in Athens?

“5X5 with Messi”

Is there a tweet you regret?

“For me twitter is more like a game, I like to play with words and words, one of the things I regretted a little, although I still believe it, is the tweet about Vouliagmeni, that it should become an independent state”

If you weren’t a tennis player, what would you do?

“Professional Hooligan”

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