Massive disasters in railroad network which will take months to recover left behind by the unprecedented bad weather. THE SKAI with Elli Kasolis and Nikos Basisoglou were today at the new state-of-the-art remote control center in Domoko. There had been much discussion of this after the tragedy of Tempe, which has suffered total destruction.

In Domoko, in one of the most central railway stations there are 11 lines and all 11 have been completely destroyed. As can be seen in the video in the background, the ground has subsided, the rails have disintegrated while they are filled from end to end with portable materials.

“There is very large damage in the area of ​​Domokos, Paleofarsalos and as far as Larissa, in the infrastructure and in the electrification network, in the infrastructure, in the systems that connect the remote control, and according to information, these damages extend to the area of ​​Tempi… There is a big shortage of staff at OSE, so the (rehabilitation) process is expected to be delayed,” says the president of OSE train drivers, Kostas Genidounias.

SKAI’s camera arrives for the first time at the Domokou railway station, which is also completely destroyed from the outside, but the most important, serious problem is the one that has been created by the destruction on the lower floor where there is all the machinery, all the technical offices, basically everything the new remote control system, which was put into operation just 2 weeks ago. Nothing is left standing, there is still too much water left as you can see everything has dissolved it is like a bomb has dropped. Practically, what this means is that even if the railway lines are built, no train will be able to pass since there will be no remote control.”

According to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras, the cost of the disasters may well exceed 100 million euros.

“There seems to be a huge issue with the infrastructure, the infrastructure, the railway stations, the electrification systems, the signaling systems, even the ones that we have very recently put in.. Probably in the form we had the railway 15 days ago, it will come back after several months” , said Mr. Staikouras.

SKAI secures exclusive footage from the station master’s office in Domoko at the railway station which has been destroyed and the station master’s office here where basically all the traffic is regulated has been completely destroyed, you see the computers, the offices, everything is in the mud.

Krannonas of Larissa

Images of war in Krannona as well, with the train tracks literally in the air.

The damage to the railway network in Krannonas, 10km outside of Larissa as seen in the video is huge, apart from the very large volume of transported materials that reach as far as our eye can see, some cables have also fallen, while the most serious damage is this one, the rails are up in the air, so over here there is a huge gap. Therefore, in addition to the cleaning, a very strict check will have to be done in order for a train to pass through here again.

According to the first assessment of the competent ministry, for the damages that have been caused both to the network and to the remote control system, it will take many months until they are restored.