The unprepared Panathinaikos, which is holding Huatso and Lessor, broke and was defeated by Fener!


He wants… a job Panathinaikos!

The “greens” were defeated with a score of 79-66 by the Fenerbahcein a match that took place in Rhodes as part of the “Nick Galis International Tournament”, with the “gangster” even giving the “present”.

THE Panathinaikos , unlike his previous friendlies, he struggled in attack, was not creative, and most importantly, was extremely off target from 6.75 (2/22), resulting in a relatively comfortable defeat to the clearly more prepared Turks. It is characteristic that only 6 of the “green” players managed to score, with the rest remaining at “zero”.

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However, it wasn’t… all bad for the “clover”, who saw him Juancho to show early what he will offer, scoring 19 points in his unofficial debut. Very positive with 17 points and o Matias Lessor, which made very big promises. With 12 points he finished the match Marius Grigonis.

From Fener’s point of view, great “damage” was done by Sertach Sanli with 21 points, while 10 had o Yam Madar and 9 o Nate Sestina. There is, however, concern for Giorgos Papagiannis, who appeared to hit his knee after a collision with Lesor and left with help.

Next test for him Panathinaikos against the Maccabi Tel Aviv on Sunday (17/9, 17:00, ACTION 24).

The match

THE Panathinaikos came hard with Juancho and Grigonis, taking an 8-5 lead, before Dorsey tied it at 8-8 with a triple and Papagiannis added another to make it 8-11. With Lessor going into the match and making an immediate contribution, the “greens” went ahead 12-11. From that point on, Panathinaikos stuck to the attack with them Pierre and Madar the Turks took a 12-15 lead in the first period.

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In the third period, Panathinaikos stuck aggressively for a long time, with back-to-back 3-pointers finding iron. Fener didn’t have any… offensive surge, but they found some solutions with Papagianni and Sanli, for 12-22. The trouble continued with Wilbekin scoring 5 straight points to make it 16-27. Ataman’s team made a certain reaction with Grigonis and Huatso as protagonists, falling to 25-27 enjoyed a partial score of 9-0. The half ended with a follow-up from him Grant for 27-29.

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At the beginning of the third quarter, the match became a derby, with Panathinaikos to tie Fener thanks to Juancho and the ties to follow each other (37-37). Finally, with a basket of it Lessor Panathinaikos took the lead 39-37. The Turkish team responded with 5 points in a row Sanli, taking a 39-42 lead. Fener’s new center made another long shot, making it 41-46 in the third quarter.

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With his three-pointer Sanli which developed into a “problem”, Fener went to +10 (41-51). THE Juancho he responded immediately with a goal-foul for 44-51, but the tall Turk made another long shot for 44-54. Sanli also scored 47-59, but Huatso reduced it to 50-59 with a three-pointer. THE Mandar answered with a difficult shot for 50-62, with Sanli drawing a foul for 50-65. From there on, Lessor and Juancho they fought but the difference was too big to overcome and Panathinaikos suffered defeat.

The quarters: 12-15, 27-29, 41-46, 66-79

Panathinaikos: Kalaitzakis, Guy, Moraitis, Balcherovski 4, Sloukas 8, Papapetrou, Grant 6, Lessor 17, Grigonis 12, Hernangometh 19, Mitoglou, Mantzoukas.

Lantern: Motley 8, Hazer, Wilbekin 8, Sanli 21, Papagiannis 7, Mahmoutoglu, Biberovic, Pierre 6, Dorsey 3, Calathes 7, Madar 10, Sestina 9.

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Source: Sport Fm

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