Spanoulis: “I wanted to lead a team, I succeeded with our Olympiakos and I am proud”!


The Peace and Friendship Stadium shook for the great Vasilis Spanoulis!

The greatest basketball player to ever wear the jersey with the teenager in the “chest”moved during his speech at the spectacular celebration organized by KAE Olympiacos in honor of!

“Kill Bill” thank you the presidents of Olympiakos and everyone in the “red and white” camp for these 11 full years of a common journey, while at the same time he thanked his family, breaking hearts with the comment he made about his father.

At the same time, he mentioned the difficulties he faced all these years, as of course the fact that from the time he was competing in Maroussi he wanted to compete in Piraeus!

The statements of Vassilis Spanoulis in detail:

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. On such an important night for me you show me your respect. A big thank you to the presidents who did all this for me in these 11 years. You believed in my character and talent. They gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true.

Human relationships are built on respect. To beat him you have to fight hard. That’s what I did. I know it wasn’t easy to do when I came from the biggest opponent, but I did it. Olympiacos has been my dream since he played in Maroussi. I was sure I would succeed. We went through difficulties, difficult nights, but love and respect won in the end. May all athletes get some of the love I got from you!

To thank George, Sasha, Kostas and the rest of the children for all the moments we experienced. I know I got on their nerves, I know they avoided me on trips because I only talked about basketball. Many nights I did not sleep to find ways for the team to win and play better. I had taken Mr. Giorgos Angelopoulos many times at 1, 2 in the evening for many issues. This is my character. I wanted to lead a team and win trophies and I achieved that. I succeeded with our Olympiakos and I am proud of it. Thanks to the caretakers, teammates, all the technical team for all these years. Everything I did I did so that Olympiacos could win.

On this journey I want to thank my wife for giving me 6 beautiful children. He was my man who insisted on so many things in my career. The one who listened the most at the end. He was patient and supportive. Thank you Olympia!

A very big thank you to my mother. Mom, thank you for everything! And to my brother who was also like my father. All these years he has been my harshest judge. All these years I didn’t hear a good conversation, only when I finished basketball!

When I was 15 years old I lost my father to cancer. I had said I was dedicating my career to him. I hope he’s proud from up there!

Thank you to those who came to honor me, and did not, from the bottom of my heart. I’m thankful!”

Source: Sport Fm

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