The counting of votes has begun in the electoral contest for the nomination of the president of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance with the participation of 142,000 citizens in the electoral process.

In any case, it is estimated that the first results will be given after 23:00.

The voting for the selection of the new president was completed at 21:00 after the procedure was extended by one hour, horizontally for all departments.

Long queues formed outside the polling stations as the turnout was very high.

Where there were still queues after 21:00, citizens were expected to vote normally.

In particular, the attendance of voters in the 570 polling stations throughout the country for the selection of the new president of SYRIZA was uninterrupted.

The president of the electoral commission said at 7:30 p.m. that 130,535 had already voted, while at around 9:00 p.m. the turnout was estimated at 142,000.

In the above, the vote from abroad is not counted until before 20:00, it was estimated at the participation of 1,100 people.

The participation of citizens in the process was particularly encouraging for the party.

The highest turnout was recorded in the election centers of Athens, as well as Thessaloniki and Crete.

According to information, shortly before seven in the afternoon, 115,000 had voted, while 30,000 new members who have voted are counted.

Statistics show that 200 people were voting every minute since early morning at the polls.


The large participation was confirmed by both Rania Svigou with a post on the X platform and Nikos Pappas

“The participation so far exceeds all expectations. SYRIZA-PS is getting stronger. Let’s go to disprove even the most optimistic expectations. Let’s go for the victory line,” says the candidate for the party’s presidency, Nikos Pappas, in a post on the X platform.

He adds that he considers it self-evident that if necessary there will be an extension.

At around 21:00 there will be an image of 50% of the results and around 11 at night it will be known if SYRIZA will have a new leader from today or if a second round will be needed on September 24.


Efi Ahtsioglou, Stefanos Kasselakis, Euclides Tsakalotos, Nikos Pappas and Stefanos Tzoumakas are vying for the presidency of the party, who have opened their papers and are anxiously awaiting the results of the ballot.

I was whistling

Efi Ahtsioglou: SYRIZA is coming back strongly – From tomorrow we will fight for the life we ​​deserve

Shortly before 10:30, Efi Ahtsioglou exercised her right to vote in the internal party elections of SYRIZA in Peristeri.


Leaving the polling center, Efi Ahtsioglou said “today is a great day, a day of democratic participation, strengthening of the progressive faction, renewal of the modern Left. An important day for the progressive people of this place. Thousands of people are sending a message that SYRIZA is coming back strong. We will respond to their demand for a better life, with equality, safety and justice. Yesterday, Mr. Mitsotakis told us that his plan for the next few years is to survive. We will not take. Today we send the first message, from tomorrow we claim the life we ​​deserve”.

Nikos Pappas: Today we are changing, we are building the victory line

“Today we are voting, today we are changing”, said SYRIZA presidential candidate Nikos Pappas immediately after exercising his right to vote at the Kaisariani polling station.

“We are participating,” emphasized Mr. Pappas, “to confront the right wing of Mr. Mitsotakis, to save society, workers and the middle class from his plans. To defend the country from his foreign policy”. “To start”, he noted, “a unifying path towards transformation, away from perceptions that want a “porridge” party without accountability, away from perceptions that want a party with closed doors.”
Finally, Mr. Pappas stated: “We are making our openings, we are building the open democratic progressive party of the country, we are building the party of victory.”


Stefanos Tzoumakas: We have the possibility of creating a political and social majority party

A call to the members of the party and every democratic and progressive citizen, to participate in the process for the election of the SYRIZA-PS president “in order to change course”, addressed the party’s presidential candidate Stefanos Tzoumakas in a statement after exercising the right to vote of, in the Kallithea election center.

He said in particular: “we have the possibility to create a political and social majority party to take over the governance of the country. To promote politics and the economy. To isolate the wretchedness of substituting politics from entanglement and parasitic interests. To isolate phenomena of decline, political degeneration and minority practices in the progressive movement. To re-establish the credibility and acceptance of SYRIZA-PS, as a popular party, as an alternative party. For the country, for the great majority of citizens. We have the potential, we deserve it, we can.”


Euclid Tsakalotos: Important day for SYRIZA, society, the world of the Left

“It is an important day, an important day for SYRIZA and society, and it is also an important day for the world of the Left,” said the candidate for the presidency of the party, Euclid Tsakalotos, in his statement after exercising his right to vote. of, in the electoral center of Nea Ionia.

“I hope we move forward with our values, our analyses, our proposals, so that the country can change the paradigm and bring something new that it needs so much after the crises it has gone through,” he added.

Mr. Tsakalotoe pointed out that his slogan was “reliable, united, left”, to add that he believes that the next day can be better “if the people on the Left show those reflexes that are needed to change the example that you I said”.


Stefanos Kasselakis: “We are preparing to take the country back”

Stefanos Kasselakis arrived at the SYRIZA election center in Peristeri after 12:30 where he exercised his right to vote.

The party’s presidential candidate took selfies and shook hands with citizens at the polling station.

“Thank you very much, you move me” he said to the citizens while answering a lady from the crowd he said “with Alexis, for Alexis”. “We are preparing to take the country back” he noted and asked for unity from tomorrow.

Mr. Kasselakis thanked the citizens and entered the polling station. Although several people gave up their seats, he himself wanted to wait in line. In fact, when signing the relevant form to vote, he sat on his knees.


After casting his vote at the ballot box, Stefanos Kasselakis said: “I am moved by the crowd, there are a lot of people, please be patient. Unexpected attendance, worth it. The country is entitled to have a progressive governance. A modern ruling left. This is what people see and come.”


Soktatis Famellos: “We are voting for our future, not only for the position of the President of SYRIZA”

Sokratis Famellos exercised her right to vote at the election center in Thermi, Thessaloniki, for the election of the new president of SYRIZA.

“We are voting for our future, not only for the position of the President,” said Sokratis Famellos, among others, according to ERT.

The Tsipras vote

The massive “turnout” of the thousands of SYRIZA members coming to the polls shows that they were in a hurry to declare SYRIZA absent, Alexis Tsipras said in a statement after exercising his right to vote, at the polling center at the 1st Experimental High School of Athens, in Plate.


“Today, the base of SYRIZA is speaking, the thousands of SYRIZA members are speaking who come en masse to the capes. Their “attendance” together with mine, as one of the thousands who come to the polls, their massive “attendance” therefore shows that those who declared SYRIZA absent were in a hurry. We will be here.”