Gary Neville: ‘I’m worried United’s players aren’t good enough’


Particularly scathing was the Gary Neville through his podcast commenting on this year’s Manchester Unitedafter defeat by Brighton at “Old Trafford” (1-3). The veteran fullback worries that the biggest problem has to do with the quality of the roster.

I was worried from the beginning of the season because I thought that the players who came would not significantly improve the team compared to last year. I never thought they would become competitive against City or Arsenal with these signings. They would need additions like Harry Kane or Declan Rice, but they didn’t have the money for such moves“, he initially reported.

At the moment the team is not good. Brighton were far superior with a group of players who may not be as… sexy as United’s or as expensive, but they are a better team. And I don’t think it’s a question of commitment or effort from the players, but I wonder how good they are. With the money given, the roster should be much better“, he added.

He ended by repeating that the club’s biggest problem is the Glazer owners and not so much coach Eric Ten Haag. “There is no United friend in his right mind who is more pissed off at the manager. What they want is a change of ownership, they want stability and a group of players that will be of a high standard».

Source: Sport Fm

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