Demis: “Martinez got the result – For the first time few finals for AEK, penalty to Eliasson”


His comment about her derby AEK by Olympic in the “OPAP Arena” which ended in a draw with a score of 1-1 was made by Demis Nikolaidis on the show “Monday FC”.

After standing in his reading Diego Martinezwhom he described as a good coach, emphasized that Olympic brought out the same intensity as the “yellow and black”.

He expressed his belief that there was a penalty on Eliasson and not Rota, while referring to Zini, who could win the match.

At the same time, he also focused on the fact that his team Matias Almeida he didn’t manage to get many phases, he praised Podense for his level of preparation and emphasized that the opponents are now reading the Union’s way of playing.

“I started to understand the coach of Olympiakos what he wants to do in this match. He seems like a good coach to me, well read. Calm even at 1-0. The result he got is in his favor. The result was taken by the coach and his tactics and not by the individual performance of the players. Martinez blocked AEK. Olympiacos played with the same intensity as AEK. Olympiacos was competitive in both marking and runs”he initially reported.

“The first half of the first half was dominated by AEK, after the 22nd minute Olympiacos dominated. Olympiacos is very strong in duels, which I didn’t see last year. Olympiacos was pressing very high especially after the 1-0. AEK made many mistakes. AEK is used to Livai. Ponce is not Levi, he does some things well and Levi does other things. In the second half, Olympiacos started to defend in 3/4 of the field. Martinez quickly made the changes. Masouras came out quickly. From 45′ to 65′ the match was not good, Olympiacos easily kept the score. With Martinez’s changes, Olympiacos lost its cohesion. AEK brought out tension at the end, but Olympiacos were well read”he added.

“AEK for the first time made so few final attempts and played a little in the center”, said Demis who then referred to Rota, Zini, and also in the penalty phase. Rota too good, Kini had problems on the left”pointed out.

“I didn’t expect Podence to be so good. He was much better than I expected. From the moment Zini came on, he created a problem for Rodney, he went to score the goal of the year. Zini could win the match”supported and in the final commented on the phase when AEK asked for a penalty: “VAR has missed Eliasson’s phase, Kini has clearly found Eliasson’s foot. It was a penalty.”

Source: Sport Fm

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