Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos will need ball possession, concentration and efficiency”


The… triple of his success Panathinaikou in the match against Villarreal he transferred to his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

Panathinaikos started the preparation for Villarreal, without any new problems, with Jedvai at his disposal. Jovanovic has done a lot of analysis on the players, he has an image, his man also went to see it with Almeria. Of course, they will watch videos and have other things brought to them tomorrow. When Villarreal lose the ball, they leave wide spaces and you can set them up. However, it has great quality and can cover its weaknesses. Panathinaikos’ goal should be to have the ball at his feet as much as possible. If he receives pressure, his task will be very difficult, for this he will also need good ball handlers in the 11. I believe he will find opportunities, he will have to be efficient and not make the mistakes he made with Braga because he will pay for them. They are not thinking about anything else in Panathinaikos, there is a great thirst and they do not have AEK in mind“, he said among other things.

The reporter of the station pointed out that there will be no particular changes to the 11 of the “trefoil”, considering only Mladenovic to be certain instead of the suspended Juancar and without ruling out let Ivan Jovanovich do no more.

While Nikologiannis noted that OAKA will be almost fullwith around 60,000 fans of Panathinaikos supporting him and the image of the stadium is like Braga.

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Source: Sport Fm

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