Violations, fines, penalties: The European report for the 2022-23 season!


Ton account of disciplinary offences of the teams based on penalties and their type was made in view of this season by the law office of the well-known criminologist Alki Papantoniou.

This is an extensive and detailed research conducted with data from its official website UEFA. The decisions, violations and sanctions analyzed, as well as the data and information presented in this Report, are exclusively data of UEFA Disciplinary Committee.

It includes the number of violations and financial penalties imposed on the teams that participated in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference, classifying them in relevant lists according to the amounts they were asked to repay, while highlighting the most frequent violations.

In the 3 UEFA club competitions a total of 1098 infringements were recorded, corresponding to 50 different provisions of the UEFA regulations with torches and throwing objects being the most frequent.

In the said “decoding” it is found that the most frequent punishment for imposing fines is the lighting of torches, where a total of 294 were recorded, while second on the specific list is the throwing of objects, where there were 200 in all competitions. Regarding the inappropriate behavior of teams, there were a total of 136 records, while 52 and 46 violations were recorded for intrusion into the playing field and provocative messages of an offensive nature.

Among other things, the research also identifies the data of disciplinary violations per tournament, with the Italian and Portuguese teams in the Champions League counting 22 punishments, the German ones in the Europa League 17 and the Swiss 21!

The most important findings regarding the Greek groups are the following:

The Greek teams were imposed total financial penalties of €334,125 (14th place among the countries that participated in UEFA competitions),

– Olympiacos violated the UEFA Disciplinary Code, in 10 (of the 12 matches) it participated in, occupying 3rd place in the relevant ranking.

– PAOK was the “champion” in terms of the largest amount/penalty ratio since in the only penalty they received, they were fined €62,000.

– Panathinaikos was fined in the two matches of the Europa Conference League qualifiers against Slavia Prague and was 10th in total financial penalties imposed (€105,500) in the ranking of the competition.

Here are some statistics and tables from this particular survey:





Source: Sport Fm

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