Objections to the legality of the criminal pretrial procedure in the Qatargate corruption case, submitted to the Brussels Court of Appeal, Eva Kaili and all those involved in the case.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, one of Ms. Kaili’s lawyers, made the following statement:

“We will fight a legal battle with my colleagues to prove that Ms. Kaili’s parliamentary immunity was violated.

Today at the Brussels Court of Appeal, all those involved (including the Qatargate case) including Eva Kaili, have submitted objections to the legality of the criminal procedure to date.

These objections are based on two pillars:

One is that Ms. Kaili’s right to immunity was violated by the Belgian secret services and this means absolute nullity of the process.

The second and most basic objection is that the investigator of the case, Michel Clezhe had a serious problem not to be an investigator and he hid this problem, which consists in the fact that Clez’s son together with the son of the main suspect and an involved MEP had a joint company.

This completely undermines the impartiality of this particular investigator and he should have abstained from the first moment.

If these things happened in Greek territory today, he would be accused.”

It is noted that the advocates of Mrs. Kaili argue that the Greek MEP had been placed under surveillance by the Belgian authorities, as early as July 2022, long before her arrest on December 9, so her parliamentary immunity was violated.