Opinion – Rosana Hermann: No one can bear hearing about Neymar’s affairs anymore

Opinion – Rosana Hermann: No one can bear hearing about Neymar’s affairs anymore

I don’t understand anything about football. Anything. Comparing football to a language, I would say that I only know the letters of the alphabet and I recognize some words. I’m the aunt who thinks it’s funny to be able to understand that children’s joke where a woman slips on the soapy floor of her laundry room, the son runs screaming to his father that his mother fell in the area and the father responds: “Did you fall in the area? So it’s a penalty!”

And yet, for more than 15 years I have followed everything that happens with Neymar Júnior and the people around him.

The football part makes sense to follow. In my house, everyone is a sick Santos fan and it was at Santos that Neymar Jr. emerged, grew up and ended up becoming the Brazilian team’s top scorer “in official games”, according to my daughter Anita Efraim.

However, everything else in Neymar Jr.’s life that doesn’t concern football produces endless news that bombards me all the time, whether I want it or not.

I understand that we are talking about a global celebrity, a guy who at a very young age became globally famous and absurdly rich, whose steps are followed by the press every day. I think we really need to know if he and his father declare their income tax correctly, if they evade it or not, if the lake at Neymar’s house is regular, what his ideology is, if he declared his vote. Because along with the bonus of fame, there is the burden of being monitored, to see if he is behaving like a good citizen, since he has a great influence on people.

The problem is that, for many years, the most recurring topic involving Neymar has been his love life.

At first it was fun. Neymar aged 18, dating Rapha Lancelloti. Neymar aged 19, dating Fernanda Barroso. Neymar, still 19 years old, dating Carol Dantas and becoming a father in 2011. And, soon after the birth of their son, Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, the Brumar couple that so many shipped from 2012 onwards, a yo-yo relationship full of back and forth until it ends in 2018.

This whole time, in addition to football and romances, we have been extensively bombarded by boring spin-offs of the Neymar Jr. series, such as Neymar’s father, Neymar’s sister, Neymar’s mother, Neymar’s mother’s boyfriend. Every step, every haircut, every photo posted by these characters became “news”.

And, of course, Neymar’s little house is treated as breaking news. Every girl he meets at the club, every photo they take of him surrounded by women, everything becomes headlines. And, when Neymar admits that he is dating, every betrayal becomes a matter of state, or should I say, every new “affair”, that word in French that the media loves to use to make it seem like being a cuckold is chic.

In April last year, Neymar started having a relationship with Bruna Biancardi. In August they broke up, in January of that year they got back together and, in April, they announced that the couple was expecting a girl. In June, he admitted to having betrayed Bruna after influencer Fernanda Campos betrayed the star. Neymar wrote an “open letter” and asked for forgiveness. Then, three months later, more precisely on Monday, September 18th, Leo Dias published videos showing Neymar with two girls in a club.

Okay, it started all over again. The comments, the opinions, the questions! “But what about Bruna Biancardi saying something?”, “will he continue cheating on his wife after the girl is born?”, “how does she accept something like that?”.

I don’t know and I don’t want to answer any of these questions. Because no one knows the relationship between them. We simply don’t know if they have any agreement, if they have an open or closed relationship. In fact, we don’t even know if they agreed on something or are just living life the way they want.

For the love of Zeus, let’s stop giving so much importance to things that don’t affect us. There is nothing to be learned from these accounts. We know that rich and famous football players like to party. We know that Neymar is a womanizer. And that many people are unfaithful. And the relationships are complex.

Do you know what else we know? We know that when asked about the “status” of the relationship between Neymar and Bruna, Neymar Sr. replied: “There’s a relationship and nobody has anything to do with it.”

Exactly. Nobody has anything to do with this. Even I, who doesn’t even care about Neymar and don’t understand anything about football, can recognize that here Neymar’s father scored a goal. A goal from home.

Photo by Rosana Hermann

Rosana Hermann

Rosana Hermann is a journalist, TV writer since 1983 and content producer.

Source: Folha

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