Bantis on bwinSPORT FM: “CHAOS was born so that everyone can see the reality of SL2”


It shocked, but not with the intention of doing so… The first episode of the documentary “CHAOS” has been on the “air” since last night, conveying the reality of Super League 2 and the tremendous difficulties faced by the footballers of the teams participating in this league .

THE Giorgos Bandis spoke to News Bulletin 247 and Michalis Tsochos for this documentary, pointing out that the reason for its creation was not to shock, – regardless of whether it succeeds – but to highlight the huge problems of footballers in this category in the hope that the authorities will bend over and try for their resolution.

“We didn’t create it to excite, but so that everyone can see what’s happening in the league. The bodies, the federation, the organizing Authority, the journalists, the Greek citizen, the sports fans and no one should have the right to say that they do not know this League. We shouted loudly, very loudly, we protested strongly but no one’s ear perspired. And thus CHAOS was born”says the president of PSAPP, who continued:

“CHAOS is the reality of Super League 2 through the eyes and shoes of the footballer himself. You will say a lot, sayings that characterize the championship “everything wrong”. The guys, the players say they get paid on time, or not at all, what their life is like off the field, and in the locker room. A documentary that enters the life of the footballer doing this particular profession”, he says.

“What can change?”accepts the question from Michalis Tsochos and continues… “At the moment, there is a new person in the management of SL2. This CHAOS has certainly found it but has the opportunity to turn it into a vision. The sad thing is that this league starts next SC, and has no TV roof, sponsor, and in 4-5 months unfortunately, we may be able to shoot CHAOS 2”, emphasizes Giorgos Bandis.

“I hope after this documentary the state will bend more over the problems of the category. 80-85% of the players who play in this league come from the academies. Experience has shown in major leagues that the big division helps the smaller one. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Greece. And it would be good if the big category leans over the 2nd category and helps”states among other things.

Listen to his entire interview on News Bulletin 247…

Source: Sport Fm

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