Lillard on Lyles’ statements: “No question, NBA champions are world champions”


THE Damian Lillard took a position regarding the recent statements of the American, Noah Lyleswho during the recent World Track and Field Championships, expressed his opposition to the mentality that exists in the USA to… call themselves world champions!

The first from the NBA world to rush to the side of the 26-year-old sprinter was John Antetokounmpo, despite the fact that several superstars of the top league on the planet strongly expressed their opposition to what Lyles said.

Among these players is their explosive guard Portland Trail Blazerswho with recent statements made it clear that calling the teams that have won a ring in the NBA world champions is rightsince if they did a world tour and faced the top teams on the planet, they would “crush” them!

“NBA champions are world champions. If the best team in our league goes on tour and plays in the best leagues, then all the other teams will be destroyed. There is no question about that.”

Source: Sport Fm

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