The congratulations of EPO and KED to the referee who saved the life of a football player


The Hellenic Football Federation and KED congratulated him Argyri Katsini for his timely intervention in the Ellopiakos-Atromitos Piraeus match of the 3rd national team, which resulted in save the home football player’s life!

The Greek referee, along with them team doctors, they immediately realized the danger that the athlete of Ellopiako was in, who fell unconscious on the grass after a clumsy marking. In fact, what Mr. Katsinis stated about the incident in question, they shock…

The EPO announcement in detail:

“EPO and KED/EPO congratulate the referee Argyris Katsini of EPS Eastern Attica, who with his timely intervention saved the life of a football player in the match Ellopiakos – Atromitos Piraeus for the 2nd matchday of the 4th group of the 3rd National Championship.

The referee in question noticed the serious injury of a football player in time and immediately rushed to help, which proved to save the player’s life. This incident shows the human side of refereeing officials, but also their training and makes us all feel proud. The KED will reward the referee in the near future.”

Source: Sport Fm

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