Emmanouilidou returns to training


Polyniki Emmanouilidou stood with claims at the European Athletics Team Championships in Silesia and at the World Open Athletics Championships in Budapest. The sprint champion is expected to start her preparation for the new year soon, having again set high goals.

“Closed is not in our plan. Sure, he’ll do some races in preparation for the open races, but not with the intention of the Worlds in Glasgow. The big goal of the year is the European Championship in Rome, where he will claim a good performance. If qualification for the Olympic Games comes, of course and we won’t say no,” emphasized the athlete’s coach, Katerina Alexopoulou.

Emmanuilidou has an individual record in 100 meters 11.20, while in 200 meters she did 22.85 in 2023.

“We will see about the two events. The truth is that the 200 is more happy about it. At 100, it needs improvement in the start and that is something we will work on next year. The season this year was very long and had many demands. Poliniki managed to achieve the goals we had set and to stand with dignity in all competitions with the colors of the National team.

At the end of the season came the qualification for the World Championship. We didn’t even have this participation in mind. However, this went very well”, concluded Mrs. Alexopoulou.

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