Hard lesson with Barcelona’s five-pointer in Antwerp – Show Galeno for Porto against Shakhtar


What is the Champions League showed in Antwerp and even in a… harsh way Barcelona!

The “Blaugrana” welcomed the Belgians to the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona in its premiere 8th groupreaching widespread popularity with 5-0. The main protagonist of Xavi’s team was named Joao Felix, who scored two goals and provided one assist, showing that the Catalans’ tenure is off to a great start. It is recalled that last Saturday (16/9), against Betis, he had combined his first match as a starter with a goal.

At no point did her opponent manage to counter AEK in the Champions League Playoffs, learning first-hand the difficulties of Europe’s premier club football competition.

Historian Robert Lewandowskihe also found nets and reached them 100 goals in European competitions. So he went up to Third Placeleaving Karim Benzema fourth, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo (145) and Lionel Messi (132).

The same, also for the 8th group, h Porto she also started with the right making a comfortable pass (1-3) from Germany, where he was hosted by Shakhtarby Galeno to be directly involved in all three of her goals (two goals, one assist).

8th group


Barcelona’s superiority was overwhelming, ending the match with 22 finals against Antwerp’s three.

Just 11′ it took the hosts to find the net, with his total Xavi to open the opposing defense with excellent combinations and the Joao Felix to make it 1-0 with a nice curling finish into the closed corner.

The Portuguese ace was in high spirits at the 19′after a fine effort, he rose to the second post for him Lewandowskiwho scored from close range.

Antwerp had drunk… the sea and Barcelona did whatever they wanted on the pitch. In fact, luck also wanted her, with him Refineries to make the turn from the right, the ball to counter Batay, to change direction and end up in his team’s net. 3-0 was also the final score for the first half.

However, there was also… continuity. In the 54′ The Gaviafter successive fights, took the “rebound” and scored with a powerful shot his first Champions League goal! The final 5-0 was formed with a header by Felix in the 66′thus achieving his second personal goal in the match.

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Shakhtar Donetsk-Porto

At the “Volksparkstadion” in Hamburg, Porto practically cleaned up the game from the first half.

Even faster she (compared to Barcelona), opened the scoring just at 8′by Galeno to take the “rebound” and score his first goal in the match from close range.

The truth is that typically the home team responded directly and specifically to 13′ with his head Kelsey. However, the Portuguese response was even more immediate. Again with him Galenoin the 15′, with the Brazilian winger exploiting the weakness of the opposing defense, entering the phase and scoring for 1-2. Three goals before the completion of a fourth match!

Galeno did what he wanted in the match and hit the 29′ with a nice run and turn from the left, to send the ball into the net o Taremi with place on the move.

Shakhtar tried to react in the second half, but to no avail.

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The results in the 8th group:

1st matchday

Barcelona-Antwerp 5-0

(11′, 66′ Felix, 19′ Lewandowski, 22′ auto Bataille, 54′ Gavi)

Shakhtar Donetsk-Porto 1-3

(13′ Kelsi – 8′, 15′ Galeno, 29′ Taremi)

The next (2nd) matchday:

Antwerp-Shakhtar Donetsk (4/10, 19:45)

Porto-Barcelona (4/10, 22:00)

The group score:

Source: Sport Fm

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