De Gerby: “We saw the difference in experience at this level between Brighton and AEK”


For the difference in experience that Brighton has with AEK at the European events he spoke Roberto De Gerbi following the English team’s 3-2 defeat by Union at the ‘Amex Stadium’.

The coach of the “seagulls” even mentioned that his players were stressed, adding that they did not deserve either victory or defeat.

I think we saw the difference in experience at this level between the two teams. We were anxious and tried to do some things quickly. We didn’t deserve to win but we certainly didn’t deserve to lose either. We were unlucky in the first two goals we conceded although I don’t like to talk about luck.

It was two set phases, we were more abstract than we should have been“, said initially De Jerby while for his goal phase Ponce pointed out:

In the third goal, it wasn’t even a counter attack by the opponents. The full back didn’t read the phase well and went for the ball instead of sticking to the opponent, there was a block, a tackle and a rebound. It wasn’t our best performance of the season but we were also unlucky».

Finally, the Italian technician criticize to the press representatives for the fact that they count his team among the favorites despite its inexperience in European competitions: “You journalists are sly and refer to us as potential Europa League winners but I’m laughing. I’m not denying, I’m not answering, I’m just listening, but this is our first appearance in the Europa League, not only for the club but also for many of the players.

That’s the problem, getting used to three matches a week. We want to improve and get through the group stage. We know our strengths, weaknesses and where we need to improve“, were, characteristically, his words De Jerby.

Source: Sport Fm

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