Fearless with soul… they knew OFI!


He showed character and left Crete with a degree o Fearless! The Peristerians lost several finals, they saw OFI take advantage of one of theirs and embrace another victory but the Jubitana had another opinion!

With a goal from abroad, the Belgian winger “knew” the Cretans in the 86th minute and the final 1-1 gave … breath and psychology to Chris Coleman’s team in view of the continuation, which, however, continues to ignore the victory (pp. 2 points in 4 matches).

At the same time, Mr OFI missed the chance to temporarily step on top and catch him Olympicstaying at 8 points but his harvest remains excellent after the first five matches of the league.

He plays with Panaitolikos in Agrinio OFI on Wednesday (27/09, 16:00), with AEK at “OPAP Arena” on Thursday (28/09, 21:00) the Fearless.

In the coach’s mind

With the classic 3-5-2, OFI was defeated by Valdas Dabrauskas. Sotiriou in goal and Vouros, Karo, Pasalidis in the trio of stoppers. Larson, Abada the back-half, with Mejado, Gagegos, Bakic in the axis. Toral, Luis Felipe were the two promoted.

With 4-2-3-1 on the other side, Chris Coleman’s Intrepid. Tsintotas in goal and Keshrida, Acevedo, Tzavellas, De Bock in the four defense. Ender, Fridjonsson the duo in midfield, with Valencia, Camara, Robaille in the central attacking triplet. Andrzejski found himself at the top of the attack.

The match

Better came in Fearless in the match, having some moments with the main spokesperson Roubaix. In the 5th minute the Frenchman made an excellent cross, but no one could get on the path of the ball and push it into the net from touch. In the 12th minute it was OFI’s turn to threaten, with Luis Felipe to make the shot first, the ball to counter, then he got the rebound Bakitsmade another shot, but Tsintotas blocked it.

In the 29th minute, the visitors had a great opportunity to open the scoring, when o Arch broke to Robay, he to Keshrida who had passed on his back and the Tunisian made the turn that Pasalidis initially chased away. Robay took the rebound and shot, but o Pasalides drove almost over the line to keep it 0-0.

In the 33rd minute, Atromitos called for a foul on the edge of the area after overturning Angelski just outside the area from the Pasalides, but the referee showed you are playing, causing Peristeriotes to protest. The Cretans were quick to counter-attack after this phase, leading to the opening of the scoring seconds later when Band made the cross and Luis Felipe sent the ball into the net with a header for 1-0.

The goal was controlled by VAR for offside, however it counted as normal. In the continuation of the match, nothing changed, not even in the delays, and so the OFI went to the locker room with a (1-0) lead Fearless.

THE Fearless He responded in the second half and was on the better side, having a good chance to equalize in the 47th minute. THE Valencia he made the shot in motion, with the ball however stopping on the goal post of Sotiriou. In 57′, OFI threatened, when Vouros and Toral they worked together beautifully, with the Spaniard making a powerful shot, but o T-shirt drove away impressively.

In the 63rd minute, Coleman’s team threatened again after a fine cross from him Keshrida from the right, initially OFI’s defense kicked out, with Cut out to shoot over the bars afterwards. The two coaches made changes on both sides, with the pace dropping for a while, since the finale was extremely impressive.

In the 86th minute, Fearless he succeeded and brought the match into balance, freezing the Jedi Koule. THE Ender made a nice dig at Jubitana, who with an amazing finish with the outside beat the opposing keeper for 1-1! A goal which did not deter the hosts, who two minutes later had a great opportunity to take the lead again. THE Mosquera made the cross, but o Checkered from a four-a-four position he failed to send the ball into the net.

The 1-1 he remained until the final whistle, with the Cretans missing the chance to catch him Olympic and Peristeriotes to continue without a win in the championship.

MVP: THE Jubitana scores with a terrific finish and manages to save the point for Atromitos!

The whistle: THE Alexandros Tsakalides he did a good refereeing and didn’t have a particularly difficult phase to deal with.

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Source: Sport Fm

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