“Tonight in Tritsis Park, in this gathering of people and youth, we can justifiably feel proud. Because today, here, with the culmination of the events of the 49th Festival of the KNE and the Guide, we are creating an image, through the wonderful verses of the Turkish communist poet Nazim Hikmet, about how “darkness can give birth to brilliance”” emphasized the CEO KE of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, speaking on Saturday night at the political gathering at the 49th KNE-“Odegitis” Festival.

“Because, although in our country, as in the whole world, the darkness is still thick, if there are people who are fighting in the pit they have been thrown into, the KKE and the KNE continue to do their duty. To stand by the side of all the wronged and extend a hand to them to stand up”.

“There is a way out. There is hope. There is a way to go. He is the one of the people who saves the people, with the KKE in front, for socialism. To live our most beautiful days, those when the people and the youth will not live with crumbs, but with everything they deserve” he emphasized.

He said that the KKE and the KNE are “the only ones who can today face the suffocation that a large part of the people and the youth feel and can give an answer about “what should and can be done” to change things”.

On the occasion of the enormous disasters in Thessaly, the lack of infrastructure and protection, he pointed out that “all in all, we are dealing with a state that serves only capitalist profit and therefore does not want and cannot implement an integrated plan that really serves the modern needs of the people”.

“Think,” he emphasized, “how different things could be, if instead of the present bourgeois state we had another state, genuinely workers’, popular, another power, which would plan and implement everything, not on the basis of profit of the few, the capitalists, but the needs of the many, the workers themselves”.

“In the intervening three months, it became more obvious that there is only one real opponent against the ND government that has come in force again. And this is the KKE.

Because only the KKE and the KNE can shoulder the responsibility of organizing the resistance and the counter-attack against the government’s anti-popular policy, which will be expressed from now on with even greater intensity in all sectors, and that is what it is doing” he stressed. added that the fact that “the only real opposition to the politics of the ND is the KKE was proven in the fires, in the floods, in the fact that the forces of the KKE came forward to organize the strike yesterday and to send a resounding message that the workers, the new generation, they are not going to legitimize in their conscience this monstrosity of Georgiadis and they will make sure it has the same fate as the previous one, Hatzidakis”.

Said that the government of the ND voted for the “anti-labor extreme and as always had the substantial consent of the social democracy of SYRIZA and PASOK, compromised with it”.

He pointed out, among other things, that PASOK and SYRIZA did not mobilize their members for the success of the strike because the concept of “participation” cultivated by PASOK and SYRIZA “is limited to half an hour on a Sunday, once in a while to choose the next savior and then return to the position of passive spectator”.

“On the contrary, these parties, like the ND, mobilized their representatives in the GSEE and in large trade union federations to put obstacles and undermine the strike, so that no participation decisions are made and no leaf is moved. Of course, they didn’t make it. Because here there is KKE, here there is PAME” he stressed.

D. Koutsoubas stated that “most people have now understood that we have anything but calm days ahead of us” at all levels and did not fail to point out that “at the same time, the bargaining table for the dangerous NATO arrangements in Greek-Turkish is for the well laid”.

He said that regardless of the choices that everyone made until yesterday, they must free themselves from the logic of the “supposedly “best administrator”” and think on the basis of “”what must be done, what must be done” for our people to live as deserves”.

“All those who want to finally change things cannot look forward to the reconstitution of the sinful social democracy” he emphasized and added:

“And for those who feel surprised or even confused about what is happening in SYRIZA, we tell them to think about the following side that they may not have thought about: That this is exactly a predetermined outcome of an entire path of integration into the system that this particular political space has followed. This course of political degeneration in positions and proposals, in political and kinetic attitudes, has been supported and promoted for years now, sometimes in the name of so-called “modernization”, sometimes of “feasible”, sometimes of “governability within the framework of the system”. , the executives of today’s SYRIZA, together with those who appear as guardians of an allegedly more “leftist” character”.

“The current situation in SYRIZA is the highest stage of the logic of the “lesser evil” which has been served by its leadership for years and of course all its current candidates and which once again brought Mitsotakis and the ND to power,” he added.

He noted, among other things, that “those honest fighters, truly left-wing, progressive people left in this party today have a choice: The one followed by all those before them who did not want to be part of this course of negative mutation of SYRIZA, they left him , they kept their values ​​and ideals high and today they side with the KKE”.

Referring to the important battle of the municipal and regional elections, he called for an even greater strengthening of the ballots of the “People’s Rally” which supports the KKE in municipalities and regions.

“And so that no Mitsotakis can say on election night that Greece has been painted blue again, it is necessary everywhere in all regions and municipalities that many red carnations fall into the ballot box, our ballots, the “Popular Rally”. With candidates who are proven campaigners, such as here in Attica, Yiannis Protoulis, in the Municipality of Athens, Nikos Sofianos, in Piraeus, Nikos Abpatielos and so many others. Fighters, who will not be the “good guys” of the respective government, but will stand in front of the demands of the people and the youth, they will rely on them and they will support them, they will use every crack for their relief.

As has been the case for 9 years in Patras with the mayor of Kostas Peletidis, a mayor who has become a point of reference throughout Greece,” said D. Koutsoumbas, noting that “we have an interest in electing more such mayors, municipal and regional councilors”.

D. Koutsoubas concluded his speech by calling for cooperation in the elections of October 8 and in the big races to come, stressing: “With the KKE, then! Loudly!

We move forward, we pave the way for the new society of peace, equality, brotherhood, the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, socialism!”