Beat Volos and… Asteras Tripoli smiled!


Asteras smiled and held Volos at the… bottom! Arkades had a terrible first half and found themselves leading 2-0, withstood the pressure of the Costa Bratsou team to come away with a great victory from Magnesia (1-2).

Yes, she was the first away win for Asteras after 19 months in regular seasonfrom the double over Lamia on February 23, 2022.

Golara from Blueberry and a maiden goal for the youngster Grozdanich for the guests, they reduced with a penalty Trouillet the hosts who saw him Siele to leave with a serious injury.

By PAOK in Toumba the next matchday o Marble who continues to ignore the defeat and Kostas Bratsos is in a difficult position, welcomes him Panathinaikos in Tripoli o Star.

In the coach’s mind

Kostas Bratsos brought down Volos with 4-2-3-1. Papadopoulos under goal, with Alhos, Sielis, Aslanidis and Luna in the defensive four. Tsokanis, Trouige the two midfielders, Deletic, Quentin on the sides and Bertoglio behind the promoted Garcia.

With the same system, Asteras Tripoli was taken down by Milan Rastavac. Papadopoulos in goal, with Carmona, Kastanio, Djukanovic and Alvares making up the foursome of the defense. Grozdanic, Munafo in midfield, Crespi, Sito on the flanks and Bartolo behind the promoted Miritello.

The match

Strongly entered the match o Asteras Tripoli and opened the scoring just in the 7th minute of the match. THE Carmona made the cross, o Aslanidis headed back away, but there was o Blueberry who caught the shot and sent the ball into the net for 1-0.

His team Milan Rastavac continued to be in control and press, with Volos playing mainly on the counter-attacks. In the 16th century Crespi made the cross, o Bartolo the volley but the ball went wide of the target. In the 22nd minute, the Arkades scored their two goals, when after a corner executed by Bartolo The Grozdanich he jumped higher than everyone else and scored 2-0, scoring his first goal in Astera’s jersey.

Then the Marble tried to take steps on the field and threaten, with his most important moment a free kick won in a good spot. However, it went unexploited as the Luna who performed it sent it into his arms Papadopoulos with the Arkades going to the locker room with a clear lead.

THE Kostas Bratsos made a triple change in the second half, putting them Koba, Knife, Glavcic in the match. Movement which helped the Magnesia team a lot to take measures and then circulate the ball well and try to threaten.

In the 54th minute the hosts won a penalty, when after a corner o Papadopoulos he came out to block and inadvertently found him Siele in the shoulder, which came out and forced a change. In the 60th minute, Truige from the white bullet he executed well (with the Asteras keeper falling correctly and finding the ball) to reduce to 2-1.

In the 64th minute, Volos had another chance, when Alho made the cross, o Garcia took the header, with Papadopoulos clearing it! Five minutes later it was Astera’s moment to threaten, with him Manji from a four-to-four position to not be able to send the ball into the net.

The match then continued with the home side trying to create phases to reach the equalizing goal, which did not happen until the final whistle and so the Asteras Tripoli who defended correctly, took his 2nd championship win, with Bullet to be at the bottom of the standings.

MVP: THE Grozdanich he was the leader of the match, with the young Croatian scoring Astera’s 2nd goal, but also his first with the Arkady shirt. In general, he played a very good game and although it is not his natural position on the axis (he is a stopper), he has completely justified his coach in this match as well as in the last one with PAS.

The whistle: THE Athanasios Tzilos he had no particular phase to manage. He correctly awarded the penalty to Volos and whistled where needed.

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Source: Sport Fm

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