Peters on “We are looking forward to the matches with Panathinaikos – New does not mean better”


THE Olympic presented the jersey of the season 2023-24, in a beautiful ceremony in the VIP room of SEF.

The was there and spoke after the unveiling of the new appearances to Alec Peters. The American forward was one of the standouts of the preseason, as he stood out through the increased role he has in the team’s game after his departure Sasha Vezenkov.

Peters addressed his condition Olympiakou ahead of the first official commitments, he spoke about how the team will deal with the loss of two important players such as the Bulgarian forward and Sloukaswhile he also commented on his transfer support Panathinaikou the summer.

In detail what he said to Alexandros Tsirigotis:

After the departure of Vezenkov, you are expected to have increased responsibilities in the team’s game. Are you ready for it?

“This is a decision that belongs to the coach. All I have to do is be ready for whatever way he wants to use me. In preparation I felt good, I feel in shape. The team is also good, we had a difficult start in preparation, but now we are starting to see the chemistry and we are ready.”

At the end of the week, the first title, the Super Cup, is judged. What degree of readiness do you feel the team has in view of the official obligations?

“The truth is that we didn’t have the best start in the preseason. A lot of players went to the Worlds, so the team was a bit mixed. The positive thing is that now we have everyone ready, even some players who trained just before the Super Cup, which is very important. We can start the year in a positive way, the prospect of winning the first title gives us a lot of motivation, so it will be a good week.”

In the last season, Olympiacos dominated Greece and almost won the Euroleague. How easy is it for the team to meet the increased demands that result from this?

“We can’t worry about expectations and demands. All we should care about is doing our best every day. The mentality of the champion is that when you win something next time it is indeed even more difficult, but you still have to have the same thirst, the same toughness. That starts with training every day to be your best in the games.”

In the summer, Olympiacos lost two very important players, Kostas Slukas and Sasha Vezenkov. Many have commented that the team may do worse in the new season. What do you answer to that?

“It’s very funny that many times the media make their predictions, and even if they’re wrong they don’t lose their jobs (ss laughs). Obviously, when you lose two such important players like Slukas and Vezenkov you will have some emotions. We know nobody will replace them, it’s about adapting and using the players we have to fill the gap. No one on the team believes we will have anything less than a successful season, aiming to win all the titles and get back to the Final Four.”

Panathinaikos strengthened with many new players in the summer. Are you excited by the prospect of more competition in the domestic leagues?

“New is not necessarily better, that’s what I have to say about it. We are looking forward to many great matches against Panathinaikos in the new season, which will start immediately if we both qualify for the Super Cup final. It’s exciting for the team, for the fans, and a perfect way to start the season. We’re looking forward to the competitive games, the atmosphere, everything. It’s very special to be a part of it all.”

Source: Sport Fm

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