On the occasion of reports regarding today’s operation of schools due to the intense weather phenomena that hit Attica in the early hours of the morning, the Region of Attica informs with a statement that:

“Since last night, the Civil Protection services of the Region have been closely monitoring the development of the bad weather in Attica.

After sending the message 112 from the Ministry of Civil Protection with the recommendation to all the residents of Attica to avoid unnecessary movements today, Wednesday September 27, our initial thought was to proceed with the suspension of the operation of the schools, with safety as the main focus of the students as well as the teachers.

An opinion which continued to prevail until 6.45 in the morning, when heavy rains occurred and without yet having any official announcement from the National Meteorological Service on how the phenomena will develop.

We never made an announcement as the Region of Attica, except that we expressed our initial assessment based on the 112 message, which called on citizens to be especially careful today and not to move unnecessarily.

Subsequently, and as soon as we received official information from the meteorologists that the phenomenon will weaken in the next few hours, we announced the decision to operate the schools as normal, pointing out that some municipalities may take a different decision after a relevant evaluation of the local data and proceed themselves in relevant information to citizens. As it happened.

We underline that from the beginning of our term, we proceed with relevant decisions concerning our children, with their safety in mind.”