Moraitis on “The chemistry at Panathinaikos is great – We want the Super Cup”


THE Dimitris Moraitis, more sure of himself than ever, does not hide his impatience and joy to start the new season. A young athlete with goals and dreams, he wants to give his all on the court and feels blessed to have the opportunity to compete with the “clover” team.

His guard Panathinaikou talk to and the Marianna Karadima for his new teammates, the atmosphere in the locker room, while he mentioned the elements that the team needs to bond even more.

I am very happy. I couldn’t wait to start training with my teammates, my coaches. The atmosphere in the team is really terrible. Between us we are very good. The chemistry is awesome. I’m looking forward to the games, even though we haven’t trained all together yet due to some circumstances. It’s still the beginning and I believe day by day, game by game we are getting better. Our goal now is the Super Cup“, declares the international ace.

All the kids are awesome. We have big names, that’s the truth. They are all such good guys and excellent. The older and more experienced ones help us, talk to us and for us up-and-comers it is very important. As I said before, the atmosphere in the locker room is very good and it will slowly show on the floor“, he added.

As for how prepared Panathinaikos is in view of the Super Cup? “We still need time and training. This weekend though, we should be ready. First of all for the Super Cup. But we will surely find it in time. We will work hard and give our best and it will show on the court. Of course this should be done quickly, because as time goes by we are getting closer and closer to the crucial games and we have to be ready. I believe we will be!».

Finally, about his own mission and his role in the team, the 24-year-old ace said:It’s a different season compared to last year. My role, for me personally, should be mainly defensive and in attack I should be more of a creator, like Slukas, to rest them. I want to work every day and improve. I have a lot to give and be ready to grab the opportunity whenever the coach gives it to me».

Source: Sport Fm

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