Milutinov: “We played an excellent match, but we are far from 100%”


With excellent defense and with their appetites Milutinov and Williams-GossThe Olympic won 84-64 the Pigeon bwin and qualified for the Super Cup final.

The Serbian center spoke after the match about the excellent performance of the team, while he emphasized that he was happy for his return Mustafa Fal and talked about the possible showdown with him Panathinaikos in the final.

In detail what he said to the ERT camera:

About the match with Peristeri and the readiness of Olympiakos: “We played an excellent match and won. Of course, we’re not ready yet. We are far from 100%. Glad to see Mustafa coming back, he will need time too. He is one of our key players, very important. For him I am more happy tonight. We played well, we were good defensively and we have to continue like that.”

For his appearance: “Every match is different. I felt good, my teammates gave me the ball and they deserve credit. We play as a team, everyone can make a difference and that will help us during the season.”

On his return to Olympiakos: “I feel very good to be back. I’ve always wanted to go back. I’m here and now I have to work hard to get as far as we can.”

For the “must” that exists in Piraeus to win every title in Greece: “The last two years have shown that these players have improved the team, along with the coaches. Unfortunately, we lost some important players, but the rest have to give something more to fill the gaps.”

For the Super Cup final and the upcoming “battles” with Panathinaikos: “Don’t underestimate any team, finish the second semi-final and we’ll see.”

Source: Sport Fm

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