Stein: “Let’s play our game – AEK is a very good and experienced team”


In the best words he referred to AEK The Morris Stein at the press conference.

His technician Ajax he emphasized that this is a very good and experienced team that showed who they are with the victory over Brighton, while at the same time he argued that Ayandas will play their game at the “OPAP Arena” aiming for victory.

What he said in detail:

Regarding the incident that took place in the match against Vaalwijk and the injury to the opposing team’s goalkeeper:
“We are not looking at football but the health of the players in these cases. Fortunately we were informed that he is fine. As for our own player Brombay, we are trying to get him in a good mental state. He didn’t want to hit the opposing player.”

On whether he expects an open match against AEK: “It will be nice to have an open match for the world, but I also prefer a low score, as long as we win. Let’s play our game in control.”

For Van Gaal’s hiring as a consultant: “It is very positive that such a person comes to the team. He will help us with his experience and knowledge. I have worked with him in the past.”

On the unrest in the squad and whether Ajax can focus on football: “I deal with the football part. It’s definitely a matter of what’s going on, but I’m focused on football and having consecutive matches will help us a lot.”

On the image he has of AEK: “AEK is a very good and experienced team, tactically well set up and the proof is their victory at home in Brighton. They are a focused team, we have to be strong and focused if we want to get a good result here.”

As for whether there is a favorite: “I can’t say there is a favorite. It will be a balanced match at 50-50. We have to play very well to get a result.”

On the fact that there is a problem in Ajax’s defense: “It is true that our defense has some problems of instability, we give opportunities to the opponent and concede goals. We are working on it to find stability. The only change in tomorrow’s match will be Vos who will not play. The others will be more or less the eleven we always have.”

Source: Sport Fm

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