Haaland: “People are now more shocked when I don’t score than when I do”


The ace of Manchester City gave an interview to the Telegraph, Erling Haaland. Among other things, the Norwegian referred to the goals he scores, saying that people are now more shocked when he doesn’t score than when he does.

In addition, he also talked about his relationship with him Pep Guardiola and revealed what he told him when he went to sign for the English club.

Everything he said in detail:

On his relationship with goals: “People are now more shocked when I don’t score than when I do. “No goal!”: This is the Norwegian media headline when I don’t score. It’s good, I’m not complaining, I signed for City to score goals. So it was expected that I would do it, maybe not to such a great extent of course. I am the one who will put the ball in the net”.

On Shearer’s record: “How long do I still have a contract? Three years and 10 months. So there’s still time. You always have to think about the next game and the rest comes. But if I sit in England for 15 years, why not break this record.” (p. Alan Shearer has 260 goals in the Premier League, Haaland already 44).

On feeling like a zombie at the races: “In games, people usually criticize me for not touching the ball. I can touch the ball sometimes, but I’m just walking, standing up there, going through the motions in my own world. I leave my body and become a zombie. It’s kind of like leaving the world. Like looking around waiting for an opportunity. And when the opportunity comes I know I have to be ready. I’m still on, but I’m walking and scanning, scanning. I wait for the opportunity and “if the ball goes there, this can happen, if the ball goes there, this can happen”. It’s a feeling. When the team builds from the back, I know I don’t need to get involved. I stand there and wait for the right moment.”

For City’s treble: “One of my biggest dreams, the one I’ve dreamed about all my life, had come true. Dreams really do come true, you know? I dreamed about it forever and now I did it and it was an amazing feeling. I was so happy. The best moment? It was 30 seconds after the referee blew the final whistle. I don’t know, I hope in my life to experience this feeling again. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. It was unreal. I came to make it and we did. I think I somehow changed the way the team competed. The biggest dream now is to do the treble again. Imagine that. It is so simple. It’s like when I score a goal – ”oh, I love that feeling! I want to do it again!” The same with winning the Champions League. I master it and would love to do it again and it’s motivation in itself to win things. I’m hungrier than ever.”

For Guardiola: “When I spoke to him before I signed here, he said, ‘I don’t care what you do, do what you want. But when you have me in training you have to be focused. If not, I will crush you. He is a detail freak. That’s why he’s so successful. The pressure is there. Look at the pressure we have every day as a club, as a team, as individuals. But we have to focus the one hour we have on training every day and the rest of the day to relax, not think about football, not think about anything. When you’re on the pitch you only focus on that. That’s what Pep demands.”

Source: Sport Fm

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