Devilish reversal in the delays with hero McTominay, United!


He smiled with epic twist and terrible McTominay Manchester United!

The “red devils” prevailed 2-1 Bradford at home, with the Scottish midfielder proving to be a “golden” replacement, as Ten Haag crossed for him in the 87th minute with the score at 0-1 and in stoppage time he overturned the visitors.

Chelsea beat Burnley 4-1 at home with an upset, “cleaned” Bournemouth 3-0 Everton and Fulham beat Sheffield United 3-1.

From…hell, Manchester United found themselves in heaven. In the 15th minute, the visitors took advantage of a series of mistakes by the hosts (with Casemiro and Lindelof) and took the lead with Jensenwho scored his 3rd goal of the season, thanks also to Onana’s misjudgment.

The “red devils” were short-circuited for the most part of the match and although they were on fire, they didn’t make any progress, as they didn’t catch (except for one) Ten Hach’s changes. THE Onana kept United up in the 84th minute on Norgaard’s chance. Three minutes later, McTominay came on, which proved to be a checkmate.

The home side put the ball in the net in stoppage time with an own goal, but it was shown via VAR that Martial was exposed. The same was not true in McTominay’s marginal phase which he executed at 90’+3′ from the height of the penalty. The Scotsman and his team were not satisfied with a draw, beating the visitors with a goal at 90’+7′.

Chelsea secured a 3rd straight win with a 4-1 win at Burnley, which also came with an upset, but not in as dramatic a fashion as United’s. THE Otober opened the scoring in the 15th minute for the hosts. The reply from Pochettino’s side came in the 42nd minute with the ball ending up in the net after being headed into the net by Al Dahil in an effort by Sterling. Palmer put the visitors in front with a penalty won by Sterling, who fired the ball into the net in the 65th minute. Jackson maneuvered nicely in the 74′ with a nice execution sent the ball into the net.

Everton had a must win match against Bournemouth and prevailed 3-0, with goals from Garner (8′), Harrison (37′) and Ducouret (60′). The former opened the scoring with a fine spot, the 22-year-old midfielder caught a terrific shot from outside the area and the Senegalese ace took the rebound and scored from close range.

In detail, the program of the 8th matchday:

Saturday (7/10)

Luton-Tottenham 0-1

(52′ Van De Ven)

Everton-Bournemouth 3-0

(8′ Garner, 37′ Harrison, 60′ Ducouret)

Manchester United-Bradford 2-1

(90+3′, 90+7′ McTominay – 15′ Jensen)

Burnley-Chelsea 1-4

(15′ Otober – 42′ auto. Al Dahil, 50′ pen. Palmer, 65′ Sterling, 74′ Jackson)

Fulham-Sheffield United 3-1

(53′ De Cordova Reid, 76′ aut. Foderingham, 90’+2′ Willian – 68′ aut. Robinson)

Crystal Palace Nottingham Forest (19:30)

Sunday (8/10)

West Ham-Newcastle (16:00)

Wolves-Aston Villa (16:00)

Brighton-Liverpool (16:00)

Arsenal-Manchester City (18:30)

The schedule for the next (9th) matchday:

Saturday (21/10)

Liverpool-Everton (14:30)

Manchester City-Brighton (17:00)

Bournemouth-Wolves (17:00)

Brentford-Burnley (17:00)

Newcastle-Crystal Palace (17:00)

Nottingham Forest-Luton (17:00)

Chelsea-Arsenal (19:30)

Sheffield United-Manchester United (22:00)

Sunday (22/10)

Aston Villa-West Ham (18:30)

Tottenham-Fulham (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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