Livaja retired from the Croatian national team!


A very important decision for his future was made by Marco Livaya.

Her former attacker AEK and now her Hajduk Split announced via social media that he is withdrawing from the Croatian national team, which he has already communicated to the country’s football federation.

The 30-year-old was an important member of “hrvatska”, however an event that took place last summer created a negative climate towards him, with him talking about “next matches in peace and without tension”.

In particular, in June 2023 and shortly before Croatia’s matches for the final stage of the Nations League, Livaja became enraged with a fan watching the training of the national team and climbed the bars to attack him.

This particular fan was her supporter Rijekawith fans of the Croatian team ever since harboring an “unrepentant” hatred for the 30-year-old, even chanting “Die, Livaya” also throwing leaflets with the same emetic message a few days before they faced Hajduk. All this division, most likely, was a catalyst in Livaya’s decision to retire from the national team, even though he is at a good age and was a regular member until recently.

His message in detail:

“After much consideration, I have made the decision to withdraw from the Croatian national team, about which I informed the Croatian Football Association prior to this publication. To the coach and staff I am grateful for my time with the national team and the recognition as a player, and I will always remember the bronze medal in Qatar, the atmosphere among the teammates and the joy in the whole country because of great success.

I am proud of every performance for my country and I would like the focus and positivity to be directed at the players, I hope they face the next important matches with peace and without tension. I thank you all for your support, and I wish the national team happiness and success now and in the future.”

Check out this Instagram post.

The post was shared by Marko Livaja (@livajamarko)

Source: Sport Fm

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