Nikologiannis: “Next priority for Panathinaikos is Brinioli”


For the renewal of Hordur Magnusson’s contract and the discussions that will take place with him Alberto Brignoli Tasos Nikologiannis spoke to bwinSPORT FM. Also, the experienced reporter referred to the great improvement of the “clover” in the offensive part and the excellent management of Ivan Jovanovich.

For the break in the league: “Jovanovic told us that the holidays are not bad because the internationals leave, but on the other hand, Panathinaikos needed this specific break because they had a demanding 20 days with demanding games. After the break, the Huancars will return, Palmer Brown will be ready and Aitor and the team will be presented much more ready for the derby with Olympiakos”.

About the match against Atromitos and the big differences of Panathinaikos compared to last year: “He had prepared the team very well. Panathinaikos was very serious, they scored 5 goals and satisfied their crowd. It is the second top five after Panaitolikos. In general, there is a big difference with last year in the offensive game. In the corresponding games compared to last season, there is a huge difference. Last year he scored 7 goals and this year 21. This year there are players who come in and make a difference, competition in the team and everyone feels potentially key. Jovanovic is completely fair and uses them all. Yesterday we also saw Zeka who had a lot of mood and the unfortunate moment with the expulsion, but these things happen in the game. In general, Jovanovic is excellent in management and the players play for the coach.”

On Magnuson’s renewal: “The news of the day is the renewal of cooperation with Magnuson until 2025. A gesture of humanity by PAE, after the player’s hit the renewal was immediately done. Now, immediate priority is Alberto Brignoli. It makes perfect sense. He and his representative will be invited to speak and I believe that in the end everything will be fine and Brignoli will remain at Panathinaikos”.

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Source: Sport Fm

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