Athanasiou: “How is it possible that there is only one candidate as head referee?”


The news that the president of the EPO, Takis Baltakos, only proposes the case by the Swede Peter Freudfeld for the position of the chief referee commented on Nikos Athanasiou to News Bulletin 247.

The fresh buns, since the discussion about the chief referee is taking place, and we await the positions of Panathinaikos. In an advanced football country, or in a country where there are problems with referees, when a head referee has to be chosen, there should be 3-4 candidates and our football greats should settle on a candidate. Now we have something else, from Mr. Baltako, to impose his chosen one, the Swede. Only one candidate? Let’s see how things will develop during the day, from this process, for the good of Greek football. When the president of the EPO presents a chosen one, we understand that something is not right…“, he said characteristically.

And then he talked about his report Panathinaikou: “Meanwhile, the break came right on time, since the team was quite tired from the demanding and important games, with 7 matches in a row. The sign is positive, except for the two derbies. The clover got what it needed in terms of points and it is three points from Olympiakos, which if it wins will catch them at the top. Now comes a set of games, back-to-back matches, with the schedule looking more passable than the previous seven games. It starts off difficult with the derby and the home game with Rennes, followed by the game with Panserraikos, followed by matches that must be bigger than the previous ones».

Source: Sport Fm

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