Hardalias visited the Asteras boutique and received a gift of two appearances with… 21


An honored guest had his official store Astera Tripoli “Star Store”, where the newly elected Regional Governor of Attica was found Nikos Hardaliason his first official visit after his election.

THE Hardalias received from the management as a gift two team appearances which had the number “21”, one because of his revolution 1821and the other because of his support to AEK. At the same time, he was invited to closely watch the match between Arkady and Union on October 22.

Astera’s announcement in detail:

“In the presence of one of the owners of PAE ASTERAS TRIPOLIS, Mr. Dimitris Bakus, the President, Mr. George Borovilos, on behalf of the management, offered Mr. Nikos Hardalia an ASTERA shirt with the name of the newly elected Regional Governor of Attica, as well as gifts from our team.

Also, Mr. Nikos Hardalias accepted the congratulations for his election as Regional Governor of Attica and spoke to the athletes of the Infrastructure Departments of ASTERA, who attended the Star Store.

Mr. Borovilos welcomed Mr. Hardalia to the official store of ASTERA, with the Regional Governor of Attica thanking him and speaking very flatteringly about the work done at ASTERA”.

Watch video from the visit:

Source: Sport Fm

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