Suspension in Belgium-Sweden after the terrorist attack in Brussels with the 2 dead Swedes!


THE tragedy in Brussels it had, of course, a direct impact on the football match between Belgium and Sweden, which was held at the “King Baudouin” in the Belgian capital. Match in the framework of the 6th group for the German Euro qualifiers.

We remind you, at 7 pm on Monday, local time in Brussels, gunman opened fire in the city center, killing two people and injuring another. The two dead, as it turned out later, were Swedesas they wore jerseys of their national team and according to international media reports, they were heading towards the stadium. After all, the incident took place 5 kilometers from it!

In the half time of the match, therefore, the Swedish footballers apparently they were informed of the tragic event and they refused to come off the bellows for the second half, with their Belgian colleagues agreeing with them and the referee deciding to stop the match! Because the perpetrator, moreover, has not been arrested yet, all the visiting sports fans have been informed not to go out on the streets of Brussels with the colors of their national team. For now, in fact, no one is allowed to leave the stadium!

The threat level for the capital of Belgium it has increased to level 4 and in the rest of the country to level 3. The National Crisis Center it is currently in extraordinary session.

For the record, the Belgium-Sweden score was at 1-1by You guys at 15′ to “write” 1-0 and the Lukaku in the 31st minute to equalize from the white bullet.

Source: Sport Fm

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