Tzavellas on bwinSPORT FM: “The national team showed that they are back – We can go to the Euro”


Greece… is here and the best is yet to come!

That’s it George Tzavellaswith the experienced central defender speaking to bwinSPORT FM 9.6 about the feeling that the National Team leaves him with despite yesterday’s defeat by the Netherlands and to state that he is optimistic about their qualification to the finals of Euro 2024.

Pointing out at the same time that Gustavo Poget is doing his best… he gets down on his head regarding the choices of the internationals but also praising both Fotis Ioannidis and Constantinos Koulierakis.

In detail what Tzavellas said to Michalis Tsochos and the show “Fast and curious”:

About the situation Ioannidis is in: “It’s not the situation, it’s the evolution it has had in recent years. To me, it looked like a Levadean era, but it’s still a long way off. Fotis has a lot to offer. It’s not just yesterday’s terrible night, there is the quality to show it and for the national team to win a player who will be a part of it for many years”.

On whether other players are coming from behind to take over: “I have understood it in the last 4-5 years, we have to be logical and understand that football is evolving. We have to be the ones to lead that smooth transition, I’m glad that such developable players are coming and if all goes well they will take over. I’m only afraid that what we suffer as Greeks will not happen when something good is about to happen.”

For the fact that the National team is taking steady steps: “When a job starts and everyone sees that you are developing, it is only a matter of time before they accept you. For the first time I have such joy in recent years, I saw both the people and the press as a whole saying that we did what we could. We looked Holland in the eye and now we will pass. We had to be over Ireland to show we were coming back and we did. I feel that we can pass, there is a thirst. We are in a phase where we have not achieved anything, we are furious.”

For the talk about the coach and the criticism of Poget: “Last time, two years ago, I replied that Fund Ship had created something that the next coach will find. Everyone sees that he has developed the team, strengthened it, it is very important that there is continuity. I was afraid, I won’t hide it from you, but it has been done right. He is whole as a coach. He is a person who wants to make the whole work, if someone tries to spoil his dessert, he cuts it off. He will do what he wants. Fortunately, the players have not reached such a point anyway.”

On whether and what did not go well in Greece’s plan yesterday: “After the first half against Ireland, which was easy, the manager has done the best I’ve seen in recent years in terms of supporting the team. In that 1.5 half, he approached it as best he could. We wanted it to go tightly to zero in yesterday’s match and to try in the second half to find a goal. The Netherlands was a very high quality team, the profit from yesterday is huge, I am also keeping Koulierakis who I am following due to position. The momentum was there but unfortunately the goal did not come. I am very happy since yesterday.”

For his presence in Atromitos: “I am very well in Peristeri, we have ideal conditions. We have some issues, but we will solve them. I think things can go very well.”

On whether Greece can finally play in Germany’s Euro: “I think the team is ready to go to a big event. I want the National Team to stay at a good level whether it goes or not. Not to go back ten years, as happened in 2014”.

Source: Sport Fm

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