Cerin brilliant brought Slovenia close to the Euro – One breath and Denmark!


He “cleaned” N. Ireland with Cherin and embraced the qualification Sloveniaas well as Denmark with 2-1 in Marino.

The 19 points were both reached with two turns to go before the qualifying finale, keeping them four points clear of third-placed Kazakhstan, who earlier escaped with an upset by Finland.

The protagonist of Slovenia’s victory was Panathinaikos midfielder Adam Cerin, who scored the only goal of the match with… good morning, scoring with an excellent free kick in the 5th minute. The 24-year-old midfielder signed the “three points” for Keck’s team, which was the 4th in a row after those against Northern Ireland (4-2), San Marino (0-4) and Finland (3-0).

Much will be clarified next matchday in the derby with Denmark, while the last matchday will be hosted by Kazakhstan.

The Scandinavians had a more difficult time than at home in San Marino, winning 2-1. Hoylund opened the scoring in the 42nd minute for Denmark, but the big surprise came in the 61st minute when Golinucci equalized for the hosts, who scored for the first time in two years and 17 official matches. So far they have gone 0-24 in qualifying. Finally, Poulsen provided the solution in the 70th minute for the visitors, who have the derby with Slovenia ahead of them, while they play away to Northern Ireland in the last game.

8th group

The program

Finland-Kazakhstan 1-2

(28′ Taylor – 77′ pen, 89′ Zainutdinov)

N. Ireland-Slovenia 0-1

(5′ Cerin)

San Marino-Denmark 1-2

(61′ Golinucci – 42′ Hoylund, 70′ Poulsen)

The rating

Slovenia 19 (17-6)

Denmark 19 (17-7)

Kazakhstan 15 (12-9)

Finland 12 (12-9)

Northern Ireland 6 (7-8)

San Marino 0 (0-24)

Next matchday (9th, 17/11)

Kazakhstan-San Marino (17:00)

Finland-B. Ireland (19:00)

Denmark-Slovenia (21:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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