EOK: Basketball’s transition into the digital age


THE digital… transformation of the EEC continues with significant benefits for Greek basketball.

The start of the competitions of the 2023-24 season brought the electronic match sheet, adding another “digital action” that makes everyone’s everyday life much easier and more functional, and so on. In the near future, the complete digital match sheet is expected, which will give the clubs the possibility for statistical processing of the data as well as the live score application for live information of the fans for all the matches of the National categories.

It has taken its turn and will begin to be implemented from the new year, since it has now been signed by the Ministry of Digital Policy, the huge and innovative project of installing automatic cameras in 200 stadiums in the country, which, if it bears fruit, can be extended to all the stadiums in the territory. In this way the teams will be able to show their matches at no cost and earn income through the EEC platform, the EEC sponsors and also through their own sponsors. The vision that existed from the EEC administration was presented to the Ministry of Digital Policy and approved for implementation. This action is pioneering for the whole of Europe, since it does not exist in any other country on the continent and its results will change the data for all the country’s unions.

The “flagship” of digital actions, the basis of the political development applied to basketball for two years, is the Federation’s electronic register. This is the element that gives all the statistical data with which it is possible to measure the effectiveness of intervention measures. As for the realistic reasons why it is necessary to register all those involved in basketball in the register, they are obvious: Only in this way can the real size of the athletes, coaches and others actively involved and their anthropo-geography in the Greek area be understood so that further interventions with the aim of developing the sport to be targeted.

The EEC has a fixed principle of communication with the associations, the dialogue with them and from this very interesting and encouraging conclusions have emerged for the digital operations in basketball.

The almost absolute percentage of 98%(!) of all unions in the country responded positively to the extent to which the implementation of the digital report helped their daily life.

Exactly the same percentage, i.e. 98%, answered positively to the question, “do you think that one of the primary goals of basketball is the strengthening of digitization with electronic communication, modern sites, cameras for free live broadcasts of matches, live score applications of matches etc?”.

Finally, the also impressive 90% responded positively to the question: “do you agree with the digital match sheet that will be applied initially in the National categories and if it works properly will be extended to the local championships as well?”.

Source: Sport Fm

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