The new Champions League distributes 2.5 billion euros


Astronomical amounts will be distributed next Champions League to the participating groups, as well they will share just under 2.5 billion eurosas the “calcio e finanza” website reveals, citing “Football and Finance” data.

Of the 4.4 billion euros that UEFA will collect each season for the new cycle of European cups, around 3.3 billion will be redistributed to the participating clubs. Of these, just under 2.5 billion will end up in the coffers of the 36 clubs (around 2 billion in 2023/24) that will take part in the new Champions League competition, with a renewed format.

The new resource allocation model for participating clubs will place greater emphasis on participation (25% to 27.5% will be divided equally) and the results (30% to 37.5%), while the two existing pillars, namely the market pool and the rates will be merged and reduced (from 45% to 35%).

These, in particular, are the new items for each of the three sections:

Joining bonus: €678.5m per season (€500.5m in 2023/24)

Bonus results: €925.3m per season (€600.6m in 2023/24)

Market pool-factors: €863.6m per season (€900.9m in 2023/24)

Therefore, it is understood that the money for those participating in the tournament will skyrocket. The bonus for joining alone will be higher (over 18 million, compared to the current 15 million), while the historical rank and market pool will definitely decrease. Thus, the course in the organization will count much more and will have a total economic value 50% higher than the figures that have been distributed so far.

Source: Sport Fm

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