“Islamic Jihad, not Israel’s army, is responsible for the attack on Al Ahli Hospital” in Gaza declares to be exclusive interview he gave to SKAI and Yiannis Souliotis The Israeli Armed Forces spokesman Major Arie Shalikar just a few hours after the dramatic events that shocked the world.

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: We have obtained aerial footage from a drone which shows that it was a strike carried out by “Islamic Jihad” terrorists. And why do we know this is “Islamic Jihad”? Because we intercepted a conversation. We have received audio from two Hamas terrorists who, discussing the events of last night, said it was an Islamic Jihad rocket that accidentally exploded and landed inside the Gaza Strip.

To bolster Israel’s position that the Palestinian side is responsible for the deadly strike, Major Shalikar cites a video from Arab channels.

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: If you don’t believe what the Israeli military is saying, there are Al Jazeera cameras from the Gaza Strip yesterday that were broadcasting live the moment the rocket, when this barrage of rockets was fired into Israel. And you can clearly see in the background that one of those rockets landed and caused an explosion inside the Gaza Strip

Journalist: According to information coming from the Palestinian side, there are more than 400 confirmed civilian deaths at Al Ahli Hospital. Do you know this?

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: The Hamas propaganda machine will continue with fake news, spreading all kinds of fake statistics and claiming that everything that happens in the Gaza Strip is because of Israel.

Twenty-four hours earlier, when we first spoke to the IDF spokesman, he accused Hamas of committing war crimes by using civilians as well as hostages as “human shields.”

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: We know who we’re up against. We are talking about Hamas, the terrorist organization. What he did on October 7th is worse than what ISIS did in Syria and Iraq. So we know what they are capable of…And we are prepared to face this challenge because we want our family members and friends back home safe.

Journalist: In recent days, you have also been deploying forces on the northern borders of the country. Worried that Hezbollah will attack Israel?

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding Hezbollah and Lebanon, and we understand that Hezbollah does not act on its own. Everything he does is coordinated by the mullahs’ regime in Iran, from Tehran. So we’re watching the northern border very, very closely and we’re prepared for any developments, any developments there. We sent the message, a very clear message to Hezbollah and to Nasrallah, its leader. Don’t enter, just don’t enter the war… Don’t open another front. The situation will not be good for Israel, but it will be even worse for Hezbollah and Lebanon.

Journalist: But can Israel respond to a multi-front military struggle in case of involvement of Iran?

Major Arye Shalicar – Israeli army spokesman: We know that the father and mother of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah is the mullahs’ regime in Iran. This is not news. ..And this is something that has been happening for decades. But don’t forget, on the one hand, we are ready for any development here. Whatever happens, we are ready. And don’t forget that the Americans, our strongest ally, our best friend on earth, are already in the area. And this is a clear warning message to the mullah regime in Iran, Hezbollah and others not to do it.

The Israeli military spokesman makes it clear that the only possibility of a diplomatic solution is if the hostages are immediately released and the Hamas members involved in the October 7 massacre are handed over.