Grammaticos: “We were serious for the longest duration of the match”


Nikos Grammatikos emphasized that the Olympiakos players were serious throughout the match against Sassari and how they found a way to counter the Italians’ lead at the beginning of the match, after they made good defenses and scored, he focused on the fatigue and the viruses that they suffered and he believes that there were also moments of relaxation.

Analytically: “It is important for the club to have a presence in Europe. Today, we were serious, we took the match seriously for the longest time. The children are to be congratulated. The situation was a bit strange at the beginning, because Sasari started the match 7-6 for about 15′.

We knew how to deal with it, it worked for us, we made good defenses, we scored easy goals. For most of the match we were serious. There is a fatigue in the team and from the trip to Italy, there are some viruses in the team, so I am very pleased with the effort.

There were also moments of laziness, we missed some goals from six meters, which is not allowed, but I’m happy with the guys.”

Christos Tsigaridas emphasized that: “The first two European matches ended with victories and we continue our course in Europe. Certainly, in the second match we were more prepared, we knew the opponent and corrected our mistakes, we put more pressure on them. Europe for Olympiakos is one of the main goals in all sports, so for us it is something we definitely want to ‘chase’ until the final.”

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