Panathinaikos: The data for the XI with Olympiakos


THE Panathinaikos enters the final stretch for Sunday’s big derby against Olympiakos at “G. Karaiskakis” (19:30). THE Ivan Jovanovich he comes to his decisions about the eleven he will line up and it seems that some positions are still… open.

His return is considered certain Brignoli at home, although Lodingin had a good presence he had a good presence in the two league matches he was called on. In the center of defense, the duo is a given Gedvai and Schenkefeld, as Magnuson and Palmer-Brown are injured. As for the ends of the defense, the Huancar and Kotsiras they seem to have the first say, but the use of Mladenovic or Vaiannidis cannot be ruled out.

In the center area Arao and Cherin they have the first say over Ruben and Vilena. At the top of the attack the very formed Ioannidis it cannot be absent, while everything points to the right… Palasios. As for the other two positions? Juricic and Bernard they fight for the position of the staff midfielder, without excluding the possibility of playing together, as long as the Brazilian goes to the left instead of Mancini.

After the last two training sessions of the “clover”, the Serbian coach will decide on his options. The good thing is that several players are in good shape offering several solutions.

Source: Sport Fm

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