Laporta: “Barcelona is receiving the most brutal attack, it is an unprecedented slander”


For more vicious attack and for slander made a speech Joan Laportawho is officially accused of bribery in “Negreira case”! Speaking to Ordinary General Assembly of Barcelona on Saturday morning, the Catalan president reiterated once again that this whole thing is an attempt, which is being made, with the aim of attacking Barcelona.

“The history of Barcelona is full of joys and disappointments, but it does not get dirty. I am referring to the most vicious attack he receives, the “Negreira case”. It is an unprecedented slander. We must not allow it. We are in battle, on constant alert. No matter how much they search and slander, they will find nothing. We haven’t done any of the things they accuse us of.

We present our details to the court. The judges think we paid referees, but it’s not proven. We have offered more than 600 reports from arbitration services. They are taking advantage of the Negreira case to hurt Barcelona, ​​all those who don’t like that Barcelona is more than a club,” Laporta said.

We remind you that Laporta is facing the crime of bribery in the “Negreira case”, with the judge, Joaquin Aguirreto accuse him of trying to buy off chief referee Enriques Negreira.

Source: Sport Fm

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