Zervas: “Another test for Olympiakos, teams always look at the market”


The latest basketball news Olympiakouafter the “devil’s week” in the EuroLeague and today’s game against Kolossos in Rhodes, the Nikos Zervas to News Bulletin 247.

First he spoke about the assumption of the technical leadership of Red Star by Yannis Sfairopoulos. “Missed a lot. He’s back where he belongs, in the EuroLeague, and he’s a very good project, who can pick it up very quickly. Of course, Ivanovic left very quickly, but the audience is demanding. They could change him in the summer. No coach is judged in 4 matches. Maybe there are more… In two weeks, Red Star will come to SEF, quite early this season“, he said characteristically.

Afterwards, he spoke about the busy schedule of Piraeus, combined with the problems that Giorgos Bartzokas has to manage: “Friday off was very good. There was also the victory that changed Olympiacos psychologically. Brazdeikis returns today. Also out is McKissick, who will be counted on from the beginning of November. Day by day he is getting better, but he will need race pace. All league games are difficult, especially away games. It is another test for Olympiakos, who will certainly have options to rest the main players in the rotation».

At the end, you talked about the possibility of adding:Teams always look at the market. I think that as time goes by and they see the team in Olympiakos, they will come to the possibility of adding to their roster. The world can’t be more worried than a coach, for example about Sikmas who has been late to enter the rotation. Bartzokas respects his choices, but if necessary he can make some intervention to build his team».

Source: Sport Fm

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