The Tsitsipas brothers overturned the final and won it in Antwerp!


They brought the final somersault with them Bear/Pavlacek and won their first doubles trophy Tsitsipas brothers (2-1).

They may have found themselves behind in the first set, but they found the mental reserves for 1-1, then took the super tiebreak and reached the trophy, the Antwerp double.

This is also their first joint trophy, with Stefanos now preparing for the ATP Finals, which will be held in a few days in Turin, Italy.

The game did not start in the best way for the Greek tennis players, since they accepted the break in the third game and found themselves behind with 2-1. However, they got it right back, “breaking” their opponents’ serve for it 2-2. And after they were able to defend their serve, the set went to a tie-break. There, Bear/Pavlacek were cooler and made it 7-6 and 1-0.

In the second set things were very different. The Tsitsipas brothers started with a break, while defending their own serve and breaking that of their opponents, they reached the 3-0 set. And they may have immediately accepted the break for it 3-1, but they had no trouble making it 6-4 for 1-1 and sending the match to super tie-break.

There, all they needed to do was to reach the first 10 points. Which they did, shaping the final 10-8, winning the trophy too!

The sets (2-1): 6-7, 6-4, 10-8 (super tie-break)

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