Utrecht won the episodic match with Ajax!


The match of the year in the Netherlands had everything and in the end Utrecht was the winner!

Ron Jans’ side beat Ajax 4-3 in matchday 9 of the Eredivisie in a match that will be remembered for a long time, as apart from the seven goals and back-to-back turnovers he had, in the 88th minute interrupted for throwing objects on the playing field.

From the first to the last minute, the game reserved terrible changes of emotions, the home team was ahead with 2-0, but “Aiantas” got serious and turned the game into 3-2, but without result, since in the end he collapsed and not only accepted the equalization, but after the temporary stop h Utrecht found the winning goal.

Thus, the great winners of the match took a breather in terms of scores, they escaped from the places that lead to relegation, throwing there the disappointing “Aiantas” who, with only five points, must quickly change his competitive image. Her rival AEK in the Europa League now turns its attention to the away game against Brighton for the 3rd matchday of the 2nd group (26/10, 22:00).

In the match, Ajax entered better than their opponent and looked for the goal, but did not become a threat in the final third of the pitch. Thus, against the flow of the match, he was behind in the score, as Utrecht took the lead in the 44th minute with Flamingo.

In fact, the home team came on very strong at the start of the second half and “doubled” their goals with Van Den Hornalthough afterwards “Aiantas” significantly improved his performance and did a complete turnaround!

Specifically, with two of his goals Hlinson in the 52′ and 55′ Ajax equalized at 2-2 and took the lead in the score in the 65′ with his penalty kick Bergwein. Despite this, the smiles on the “guests” did not last long, since in the 71st Turnstra tied at 3-3 for the hosts.

As written at the beginning in the 88th minute, the match was stopped for throwing objects, while a few minutes after its resumption, Utrecht found the golden goal with Strawberrywho wrote the final 4-3!

Source: Sport Fm

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