The insatiable Verstappen also triumphed in Texas!


What if he has long secured the title of world champion?

THE Max Verstappen shows no sign of respite, triumphing in the Texas Grand Prix in the USA, despite starting from 6th place. The Dutch pilot once again saw the checkered flag first, celebrating his 15th victory this year and 50th of his career! In second place o Lewis Hamiltonon the podium as third and o Lando Norris.

At the start Norris took first place from Leclerc, and Sainz passed Hamilton to move up to third, while Verstappen overtook Russell to move up to fifth. THE Hamilton easily passed him Saint in the fourth round, while the Spaniard of Ferrari also lost 4th place to Verstappen. On lap 5 Hamilton overtook Leclerc as well, with Ocon retiring after a collision with Piastri, who also retired a few laps later.

In the 12th round o Verstappen moved up to 3rd by passing Leclerc, while at the same time Hamilton closed the gap on the leader Norris. On lap 17 Verstappen entered the pits with a fresh set of medium tyres, with the rest following. Hamilton and Leclerc they put on the hard rubber, with Norris finally losing the top spot to Verstappen on lap 28, coming in for his second pit stop on lap 35, putting on the hard rubber, going 6th.

After the pit stops o Leclerc he found himself in first place, with Verstappen passing him on lap 39, while the Monegasque also lost 2nd place to Norris. Hamilton set a very fast pace on the medium tire and moved up to 3rd, leaving Leclerc behind on lap 43, while Verstappen he was increasing his gap from 2nd Norris. In fact, the Briton from Mercedes managed to pass 2nd on the 49th lap, after a big battle with Norris, while Alonso retired on the 50th, with a problem in the rear suspension of his Aston Martin.

The checkered flag came out with Verstappen finishing first, celebrating his 15th win of the year, while Hamilton finished the race second and o Norris third. Saint, Perez, Leclerc, Russell, Gasly, Stroll and Tsunoda completed the top ten.

The next match will be held at Mexicothe three days October 27-29.

The ranking in detail:

Source: Sport Fm

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