Olympiacos: “Panathinaikos wanted the match to be interrupted”


The information derived from his report Olympiakou about the events after the disputed phase with him Juancar in the derby with Panathinaikos transferred to News Bulletin 247 The Kostas Nikolakopoulos.

As the reporter mentioned, from the side of Piraeus it is emphasized that the referee, Fabio Maresca, he said he didn’t see anythingwhile it is also reported that the “green” left the field on their own without the Italian blowing a whistle – and while the observer of the match also did not see anything.

Regarding the issue of the doctor, the “red and whites” report that he said that clinically the footballer does not have any problem and he could compete. However, the guests insisted that the Spaniard go for tests.

After all, two hours have passed the referee said he couldn’t wait any longer.

On the part of Olympiakos, it was also mentioned that Panathinaikos did not want to play from the beginning and that the doctor is a friend of the “clover”, which can be seen from related photos, as well as that the visitors were trying to delay in order to bring the match to a stop.

According to the Piraeus, the player finally left after two hours and while the doctor had said that he had nothing clinically, not even a hack.

Source: Sport Fm

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